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Saint Arnold 5 O'Clock Pils Pint Night


Big Hops The Bridge
306 Austin St, Ste 101 78215 San Antonio United States
Help us celebrate American Craft Beer Week by toasting Texas' oldest craft brewery and the newest addition to their year-round line-up.
We're tapping 5 O'clock Pils at 7, glassware available while supplies last. The infamous Dorothy will be here to smile at you awkwardly until you order her beer!

From the brewery:
We believe the greatest beers are the ones that achieve their goal with the simplest recipes. 5 O'Clock Pils is all about its two ingredients: pils malt and Saaz hops. This is the entire basis of the original Bohemian Pils style.

The pils malt is light yet with a pleasant bready character, emphasized by the decoction mash wherein a portion of the mash is removed, boiled and added back. Saaz hops, the only hop that has never been hybridized dating back to when it was first cultivated from a wild plant around 1,000 years ago, gives a pleasant earthy spiciness.

The final, unfiltered beer has a light maltiness, a big refreshing bitter and wonderful, delicate hop flavor and aroma. This is the beer we enjoy every year in the Czech Republic when doing our Saaz hop selection. Only, we've added even more hops. It is a beer that can be enjoyed everyday of the year. You will never tire of it.